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Florentine Pasta Recipe Shuffle

February 16, 2016

Image of dinner plate with text What's for Dinner???

     When my daughter wandered into the living room and asked me what was for dinner tonight, I realized I needed to come up with something on the quick side, using what I had on hand. I found a recipe for Chicken Florentine that sounded promising, except all my chicken is currently frozen solid. However, I had fresh spinach, a few last cloves of garlic, two cans of chopped baby Portabella mushrooms (which my husband brought home one day when I asked him to pick up fresh mushrooms), a can (yes, a can) of cream of chicken soup, a small carton of heavy cream and some shredded fakebutwilldoinapinch (Kraft) Parmesan cheese. Basically, I shuffled the deck, removing a couple of cards and adding a few cards of my own. The verdict: Jackpot! The fam loved it, which is all I need to hear, though I loved it too. I reeeeally needed this, especially after the recent Pasta with Seafood and White Wine Sauce Fail this past Sunday! I have redeemed myself with my loved ones (at least for the moment), so I’m a happy cook.


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