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Does absence really make the heart grow fonder?

February 9, 2016

Only time will tell…

    I have been absent from my lovely little foodie blog for several years due to a career change, which involved some crazy work hours. Admittedly, most of those crazy hours were by choice, since I loved the work (web and software development). But after three and a half years, it was time for a change. I left just before Thanksgiving (a little over two months ago), and it was the first time in several years that, once again, I enjoyed cooking the turkey day feast. Always a labor of love, as are all the family holiday and event cooking marathons. Then, after a bit of recharging and a big family Christmas trip to Texas, followed by some really serious recharging, I am finally jumping back into blogging. I also have a special new project in development, but it isn’t ready for prime time. As soon as it is, I promise to share. So…
    Yesterday was Super Bowl 50 and I was busy all day shopping and whipping up fun food for our annual little family shindig. When I say little, I mean there were just four of us this year. I had to be discerning about what I made, since the fridge and freezer can only hold so many leftovers. A simple veggie tray is standard, the easiest healthy option to put together. The orange bell pepper rings were my fav, being so sweet. I also made a family favorite, Cherry Pepper Jam Meatballs, which only have a few ingredients, but pack a huge punch of flavor. The recipe is from Benjamin Twiggs, my favorite Cherry products company on the planet. I left them in the crockpot and everyone just ladled them out by the spoonful. And while the chicken and waffle sliders, made with organic chicken nuggets, were also delicious, the MVP of the evening went to something I recently discovered (on Pinterest, of course). A perfect combination of salty, sweet and smoky, crunchy on the outside but soft on the inside…and the winner is…Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs! A processed food blitz, I know, but I swear, the flavor was spectacular and worth a trip to the woodshed. My family loved, I mean LOVED them! Due to the over-the-top sinfulness, I would not make these more than once or twice a year (seriously, I think they could also be called heart attack nuggets). But they were sooooooo good. I would also recommend only making them when there is a guaranteed opportunity to share. Did I mention I made a triple batch? Or that they reheat most excellently the next day? Yeah, I did and they do. Touchdown!

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs finished dish image

Bacon Wrapped Tater Tot Bombs


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